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Information security is the hot topic of modern society. Cyber-attacks by government agencies, organized crime and individuals happen on a daily-basis. Therefore it become a must to protect systems, data and users. A challange with a wide variety of influences and dependencies.

The Titanium team consists of highly trained experts, supporting the security experts of Fortune 500 companies worldwide with complex research and cutting edge-development. To do so, the highest level of technological and economical independency is guaranteed.

As a result the Titanium members release their famous Titanium Report on a regular basis. This document includes the results of the ongoing research analysis in the different fields of information security. It helps to determine hot topics and emerging fields which allows to address future trends early.

You are able to purchase the Titanium Report and to initiate customer-centric research. This will get you an advantage against ongoing threats. It is important to be a step ahead of the attackers. Now it is your turn to take this leap of faith with all your strength of will.


You will get a quick overview without a high amount of effort


You will get a detailed view of different aspects of infosec


You will gain access to privileged information inaccissble by the public


You can focus on the future which gives you a head-start


You will define your own research topics to get customer-specific results


You will understand the solutions to address all your challenges


Emerging technology changing the rules of the financial markets. Our financial experts support multiple companies.


Steadily worn devices with great impact for social behavior. Our mobile security experts help to handle the different apsects.


One of the most severe problems of technology and urban livin. Our tech experts help to protect and defend against drones.


A lesser known risk for different technologies. Our tech experts research attack possibilities and defense mechanisms.


"Titanium workshops helped our internal security team to address critical topics on a very early stage. This is an important advantage for the whole company." - Head of Security


"Keeping the focus on the important things is not easy, because there are so many of them. Thanks to Titanium it is possible to identify reliable and to act quickly." - Chief Security Officer


"We are exposed against very strong adversaries. Having good partners to team up with is important, to keep working on the very high level that is required." - Head of Research


"The introduction of new technologies is so fast, it is very hard to catch up. Having access to exclusive knowhow is inevitable to succeed in a secure way." - Head of IT

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